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AMTI understands that the best research begins with the best equipment. We continually strive to develop the most accurate and reliable Multi-Axis Force Platforms and Sensors for your biomechanics research. Our innovative OPTIMA performance system revolutionizes multi-axis force measurement technology, offering at least a 10-fold improvement in accuracy over any other force platform on the market. Whether studying Balance, Gait, or Sport Biomechanics, researchers and clinicians worldwide rely on AMTI platforms to deliver the most accurate force measurements. Shouldn’t you? Stop by our booth or visit our website www.amti.biz to learn more about what we have to offer.

A-Tech Instruments Ltd.
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For more than 20 years A-Tech Instruments Ltd. has been providing the highest quality measurement and data acquisition solutions for your EMG, force plate, treadmill, motion capture, sensors and data acquisition requirements in Canada. We are partnered with some of the most highly regarded companies such as AMTI, Delsys, Motion Analysis and Polhemus. Our knowledgeable staff is able to assist in selecting the proper equipment and provide commissioning assistance along with on-site or remote training services.

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Bertec founded in 1987 in Columbus, Ohio is a world leading manufacturer of force measuring instruments used for research, rehabilitation and sports applications. Bertec products consists of force plates, instrumented treadmills, load cells, balance plates and custom transducers with virtual reality.

CCM Hockey
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CCM Hockey is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of hockey equipment and related apparel. With its headquarters located in Montreal, the company has operations in Canada, the United States and Europe. CCM Hockey equips more professional hockey players than any other company, including superstars like Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and John Tavares. CCM Hockey is also the official outfitter of the American Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League, and several NCAA and national teams. CCM Hockey’s focus is on innovative products with visible technologies backed by an authentic brand that embraces the physical side of the game with an emphasis on performance and quality.

C-Motion, Inc.
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C-Motion is the developer of Visual3D, the 3D biomechanics analysis software for your research needs. Visual3D handles motion capture data from any system and provides the biomechanical modeling, analysis and reporting functionality to support or develop commercial or research protocols.

CIR Systems/GAITRite
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GAITRite® – a truly portable single layer pressure sensitive walkway measuring temporal spatial parameters, providing easy identification of gait anomalies. The system sets up in 75 seconds, comes in various lengths, allows for rear guarding, use of various assistive devices, and records and analyzes multiple gait cycles in a single walk. The GAITRite® simultaneously collects video from up to 2 cameras. GAITRite® readily synchronizes with other systems, including video, EMG, etc. The GAITRite® system comes in a wheeled case allowing for easy portability and storage. GAITRite® provides robust reporting and web publishing options to document current conditions and track recovery/rehabilitation.


Delsys, Inc.
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Delsys is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a portfolio of high performance electromyography instruments. These include a range of physiological and biomechanical sensors that are used in all types of human movement research and education. Home of the new Avanti Sensors – with EMG + on-board Inertial Measurement Unit -exclusive to Delsys technology, the Trigno Quattro with 4 active EMG headstages on one Avanti transmitter and, Trigno Galileo System, the first wireless system to capture motor unit behavior during unconstrained movement.

The De Luca Foundation
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Founded in 1985, The De Luca Foundation (DLF) is a private charitable organization. DLF dedicates its financial resources to serving the Biomechanics Research Community through R&D grants, travel grants, public education, and workshops to: Raise awareness of innovative methodologies for understanding human motor control, Foster innovative work, Educate students and young researchers, and Fund research ideas to study and cure neuromuscular diseases.

High Speed Imaging, Inc.
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High Speed Imaging Inc. is Canada’s premier source for hi-speed camera equipment. This technology is used for capturing fast events you normally cannot see in applications such as biomechanics, troubleshooting automated machinery, product design, drop testing, impact studies, gas detection, motion analysis as well as strain & deformation measurement. We represent several companies including AOS Technologies, Photron, Fastec Imaging, IO Industries, Invisible Vision, Telops & Xcitex. Our products include High-speed video, Infrared systems, Ultra-high-speed intensified cameras, high-speed DVR’s, data-acquisition, Non-contact Strain & deformation, and Motion Analysis software.

International Society of Biomechanics
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The International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) was founded in 1973 to promote the study of all areas of biomechanics at the international level. The ISB promotes and supports international contacts amongst scientists, the dissemination of knowledge, and the activities of national organizations in the field of biomechanics. The ISB has a broad view of the science and application of biomechanics, believing that biomechanics has a major role in the study of all biological systems, from the level of the whole organism down to molecular size scales. Therefore, the Society’s membership includes scientists from a large variety of disciplines including anatomy, physiology, engineering (biomedical, mechanical, mechatronics, etc.), orthopaedics, rehabilitation medicine, sports science, sports medicine, ergonomics, electrophysiological kinesiology and others.

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Kinduct is a data aggregation, analytics and a recommendation engine, specific to the health, the wellness but predominantly the human performance markets with a keen interest at improving outcomes. Kinduct offers an Athlete Management System (AMS) that helps coaches, trainers, players and teams be better. Our AMS is integrated with some of the best companies in the wearables, assessment and data collection sector. Kinduct is the software provider of choice for a wide range of sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA and other professional or elite leagues.

Lower Extremity Review
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Lower Extremity Review is a multi-disciplinary publication that provides a practical collaborative approach to treating the lower extremity. LER bridges the information gap between practitioners and manufacturers with an emphasis on outcomes.

Motion Analysis Corp.
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Based on over thirty years of development, Motion Analysis’ proprietary high performance motion capture systems consist of digital, field-upgradable cameras, proprietary 3D marker tracking software, and fully integrated application-specific software that is used to measure and analyze, in real-time, the three dimensional movements of objects such as the human body. This proprietary technology produces data that is unsusceptible to jitter, noise or field interference while being highly accurate and repeatable. In addition you can process and analyze your data very efficiently all from within Cortex. Stop by our booth to see the latest hardware and software.

NDI (Northern Digital Inc.)
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NDI is a global-leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced 3D measurement and motion tracking solutions. Our active and passive optical trackers capture 6DOF motion in real time with sub-millemetre spatial accuracy. Our high-speed (active) Optotrak Certus tracks the full range of body movement throughout a large 20m3 pre-calibrated measurement volume. The Polaris Vega provides wireless passive tracking of small-amplitude movements in a smaller measurement volume. Both optical trackers record kinematic data with minimal lag and noise. For over 35 years, NDI solutions have been trusted by thousands of researchers—and cited in thousands of papers—around the world.

NexGen Ergonomics, Inc.
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NexGen’s product line includes: HumanCAD (digital human modeling software), ErgoMaster, ErgoIntelligence, ErgoImager, MVTA (time and motion analysis), Lumbar Motion Monitor (iLMM3), I2M & Xsens MTw Awinda inertial sensor motion capture systems with HM-Analyzer software which provide joint angles according to ISB – International Society of Biomechanics or according to AAOS, FSA pressure measurement systems, Ametek-Chatillon, Mark10 and other force gauges, Thought Technology & Biometrics EMG and physiological systems, movement analysis solutions, data acquisition systems, temperature mapping, Tekscan FSR solutions, VATS human vibration analysis system, dynamometers, and more.

National Biomechanics Day
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National Biomechanics Day (NBD) seeks to expand the influence and impact of Biomechanics on our society by expanding the awareness of Biomechanics among young people and by incorporating Biomechanics instruction into high school curricula. NBD will manifest these goals through worldwide, synchronized and coordinated celebrations/demonstrations of all things Biomechanics with high school students. In three years NBD has expanded from 2,000+ to 11,000+ students per year learning about, “the breakthrough science of the 21st century,” the phrase we use to describe the imminent future of Biomechanics. NBD 2018 included over 150 celebrations around the world and can be seen HERE.

Nike Explore Team – Sport Research Lab

The Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab is philosophically and physically at the heart of the NIKE, Inc. World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. It began as a small lab in Exeter, N.H. more than 30 years ago, and has grown into a world-class research facility harnessing dedicated brainpower and state-of-the-science research equipment unequalled in the sporting goods industry. Carrying on the traditions of Nike’s original sport researcher Bill Bowerman the lab continues to deliver proven scientific insights that help drive performance innovations across the Nike brand. Today, the lab employs more than 40 researchers, many of whom hold doctorates or master’s degrees in a wide range of scientific disciplines including biomechanics, physiology, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, math, kinesiology and systems science. Combined, the team brings more than 250 years of sport research experience to NIKE, Inc.

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OptiTrack systems offer the world’s leading blend of measurement accuracy and simple, easy-to-use workflows which provide researchers and biomechanists with accurate and reliable 3D tracking data for their studies.

Orthopaedic and Sport Medicine Clinic of Nova Scotia
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Dan.India@qualisys.com; Stephanie.Knustrom@qualisys.com
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Qualisys is a leading provider of motion capture technology and has a long history of supplying research, engineering and sports facilities with high-end camera systems and expertise in capturing and analyzing movements. Qualisys offers a wide range of products and services and has offices in Gothenburg, Chicago and Shanghai. Our customers are found in the biomechanical research, sports biomechanics, and medical sectors. Qualisys is recognized by its high-performance cameras, which are known to have the best tracking in the market, and user-friendly software. The Qualisys Track Manager software recently underwent a major release introducing numerous editing tools for biomechanical analysis.

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Canadian technology company Stepscan Technologies manufactures an interlocking pressure sensitive floor tile system which uses proprietary software to measure and analyze movement. Currently approved as a medical device, Stepscan® provides clinicians and researchers with a turnkey gait analysis solution. However, the applications for Stepscan® extend into the fields of sports performance, military training, and biometric security. Stepscan is able to offer rapid module development and third-party integration to meet customers’ data collection needs across industries. Their sophisticated design and engineering have resulted in a new generation of gait analysis and motion tracking, offering innovative features previously unavailable in the marketplace.

Tekscan, Inc.
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Tekscan manufactures a range of pressure assessment and clinical/research evaluation tools. Our unique systems use thin, flexible, high-resolution sensors to observe gait abnormalities, determine treatment efficacy, study joint function, and more. Our new Strideway™ System measures temporal (time), spatial (distance), and kinetic (movement) parameters, as well as objective force and plantar pressure information. This modular system is available in standard, medium, and high resolution with length options from 1-5 meters.

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Innovating for over 33 years as the world’s largest supplier of clinical and research motion capture systems, Vicon pioneers biomechanics, gait, and sports sciences solutions.