Janet L Ronsky, BASc., PhD. (P.Eng., FCAE)
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Kinesiology, McCaig Institute of Bone & Joint Health, University of Calgary

Title of Talk: Investigating the Dynamic Function of Joint Cartilage – Integrating Biomechanics, Imaging and Biology

Brief Abstract
Human joints such as the knee undergo millions of cycles of loading over the lifespan. Healthy cartilage involves the tissue’s ability to continuously adapt its structure and biology to its mechanical loading environment. While some joints are able to maintain this healthy cartilage homeostasis, factors such as injury, obesity and altered neuromotor control can lead to initiation and progression of cartilage damage. While key biomechanical factors have been linked to degenerative cartilage conditions, the initiating biomechanical mechanisms are still not well established. Further the role of injuries in influencing the patterns of progression are not well understood, and potential mitigation strategies have yet to be well established. Integrated approaches to quantify key biomechanical, structural and biological factors in-vivo are opening new opportunities to detect and monitor changes in joint health status over time. These approaches are highlighted with new insights and challenges proposed.

Brief Bio:
Janet Ronsky is the AITF iCORE Strategic Chair in Advanced Diagnostics and Devices, and Professor in the Schulich School of Engineering, Kinesiology, and Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Janet holds a BASc in Mechanical Engineering (Waterloo University) and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (University of Calgary). She is an elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers, serves on CIHR Grant review panels, and was the NSERC Mechanical Engineering Group Chair (2014-2017). Her research focuses on understanding links between musculoskeletal structure, joint mechanics, dynamic joint function, neuromotor control, and joint injuries and diseases. Medical imaging, experimental and numerical modeling approaches are applied to develop novel diagnostic and treatment techniques to enhance health care. She is responsible for the Clinical Movement Assessment and Dual Fluoroscopy Laboratories at the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health. She has developed innovative technologies relating to medical imaging and materials testing, and holds several patents.